Business Video Services

  • EMS Training Videos - Increase the visual impact of your EMS training with video of the elements that are impossible to demonstrate in a classroom setting. For example, the sights and sounds at the scene of of a motor vehicle crash can't be effectively communicated to your students with words and photographs. Prepare them for the important work in their future with a custom tailored video production.
  • Corporate Training Videos - This video, created at your factory or office, is used to train new employees which saves a lot of the time and expense related to maximizing the new employee’s productivity. It also gives you a way to easily communicate annual required training updates to existing employees including important safety information.
  • TV Commercials - Get your message broadcast on TV with a custom edited, high definition television commercial at your specified length filmed at your location.
  • Web Commercials - Tell your customers who you are and why you are the best choice for their needs on your company website. Add a tour of your business, a message from the owner and some customer testimonials and your customers feel like visiting your business is like seeing a friend.
  • Promotional Videos - Use this type of presentation so your clients will see you in action. This type of promotional video is especially useful for performing artists such as bands and dance groups. A venue is much more likely to book you at the event when they have seen and heard what you have to offer.
  • Real Estate Property Tours - Real estate agents can maximize the time spent out of the office by posting a virtual tour of the listing on your company website. After viewing the video, clients are able to narrow down their search for just the right property.
  • Insurance Documentation - Remembering all the contents of your home after a disaster is almost impossible. High quality video of the contents of your home will be very important when it is time to complete the insurance paperwork. We will come to your home, video everything as you give the tour, and prepare an edited DVD that, when stored off site, will be invaluable if the unthinkable happens.