Event Video Services

  • Special Speaker Coverage - Scheduling a special seminar at business or club when all members or employees can attend is impossible. Video coverage and distribution of the event on a DVD allows you to ensure that everyone in your organization benefits from the special speaker’s words.
  • Event Videography - Whether it’s a kindergarten graduation, a birthday party, a family reunion, anniversary party, religious event or a retirement party, you will want to remember every precious second. Today only happens once in a lifetime. Relive the occasion anytime you like with a Flying Arrow Productions custom designed video memory.
  • Life Diaries - A Life Diary is a video autobiography. We ask the questions you’ve never thought about to tell a life story. Share legacy, heritage and family traditions with those you love. This kind of a look back at my life video isn’t reserved for the elderly either. In fact, it’s a great way of taking a time-stamp at anytime of life. Ask your parents to make a Life Diary for you.
  • DVD Slideshows - Put your special photos on a DVD set to music. This is a great gift for a birthday or anniversary. It is also an emotional way of memorializing a loved one at their wake or funeral.
  • College Video Applications - Colleges and Universities are beginning to ask for a video to accompany the college application. Your story on video allows them to get to know you beyond what they can learn from a standard application. Show them that you are a great fit for their school.
  • Scholarship Application Videos - As the star of the team, you have a skill that Colleges and Universities want. Show them a highlight reel of your abilities and your chances of a scholarship go way up. We’ll capture you in action so you will be able to demonstrate how your skill will benefit the team.